Our team

Zach Hanoun CEO

Guitarist and passionate about music, Zach took courses at the MIT, then at Berklee College of Music. Afterwards, he gave music lessons from 1988 to 1996 in Paris and discovered the world of recording studios where he started working more and more often as a musician.

In 1999, he moved to Los Angeles where he will regularly attend legendary Studios like Ocean Way Hollywood, Record Plant, Capitol Studio and others.

He returned to Paris with a clear idea of how the major studios will be like. During a recording session, he met Jean-Claude Dubois and becomes technical adviser for the Grand Army Studio. He became his partner in 2003.

He opened up a music unit with Marc Miller (Macadam) in 2004, who won many advertising awards. In 2005, he creates an executive production department for soundtracks with Patrick Aumigny (The Canal + Soundtrack) and develops the publishing department for the at the same time.

He won the "Gazelle award" in 2006 from the Small and Medium Companies and Trade Office, for being one the French companies who had the highest growth rate.

After a complete overhaul of the studios, he became CEO in 2009.

Jean-Luc Denis Technical manager

After studying at the Central School of Electronics Paris in 1987, Jean-Luc worked in various French recording studios, like Ferber and William Tell where he stayed from 1992 to 2007.

In 2007, he joined the Grand Army Studio and takes over the technical department of the studios, including its vintage equipment and the development of computer stations.

In 2008, he installed a high-performance internal network, which will allow backup sessions in real time, archiving and exchanging files on secure servers.

As a technical manager, he participated in numerous albums with the greatest artists in the world such as Prince, Peter Gabriel, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden and more recently Radiohead, Keane or Rihanna.

He also coordinates private audio projects for The Rolling Stones, Laurent Boutonat or composer, Alexandre Desplat.

His 20 years of experience in the world of pro audio and recording studios in particular, allowed him to obtain a unique expertise, whether it is in the field of analog or digital audio, or mere microphones, or the implementation of complex computer networks.

Ludovick Tartavel Assistant / Sound Engineer

Studying in the scientific field, Ludovick also studied music at the Conservatory of Grenoble from 1989 to 2001 before devoting himself to sound technologies at the ISTS School in Paris in 2003.

Recording and mixing represent his passion. He particularly likes the mix of vintage and modern recording techniques, including analog tapes and 96 kHz ones, which enable it to obtain a unique sound signature.

After working in various French studios, he joined the Grande Armée Studio in 2008.

Once he came in, he took part of the recording and mixing of many French and international projects including different types of artists like Rihanna, Jermain Jackson, Malavoi, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, Brice Conrad, Ryan Leslie, Jenifer, I Will am & Black Eyed Peas.

Getting more and more involved as an independent sound engineer, he worked on "Les Ricochets" tube, coming from a charity project involving 50 of the best French artists. This was the most played song on the radio in 2012.

This is how he met Frederick Castle with whom he will work on the Robin Hood musical, an ambitious project including more than 25 tracks performed in more than 800 dates in 2013/2014, along with the singles recorded with Matt Pokora.

As he enjoys many diverse soundscapes, he also participated in the implementation of independent projects like BigaRanx or Mayra & Mr Mow.

Very interested in music bands, he worked in parallel on original scores with famous composers, such as Beatrice Thiriet, Bruno Coulais, Ludovic Bource who won the Oscar for best Original Score in 2011, Christophe Julien Alexandre Desplat also nominated in the Oscars for the ZD30 music, and Rust and Bone by Jacques Audiard.

Guillaume Lejault Assistant / Ingénieur du son

Diplômé ingénieur en électronique et informatique en 2002, Guillaume a travaillé jusqu'en 2006 en tant que consultant en réseaux et télécommunications.

Jouant de plusieurs instruments, sa passion de la musique le réoriente vers le métier d'ingénieur du son pour lequel il suit la formation de la SAE Institute de Paris.

Il effectue un stage aux Studios Plus XXX en 2007, puis devient Assistant au Studio de la Grande Armée en 2008. Dès lors, il intègre de nombreux projets d'envergure, aussi différents que Pink Martini, Youssou N'Dour, Will I Am, Jermaine Jackson, Nolwenn Leroy, Shy'm, BB Brunes, Booba, Doc Gynéco, Raphael, Véronique Sanson…

En tant qu'ingénieur du son, il est crédité pour son travail avec de grands artistes tels que Woodkid sur "Golden Age", Asap Rocky, Chimène Badi… Il enregistre notamment toutes les voix de Jenifer sur les albums "L'amour et moi" et "Ma déclaration", et mixe de nombreux titres pour la productrice L'Aura Marciano (Tal, Romy …).

Son expérience lui permet alors d'organiser de très gros projets faisant intervenir des listes impressionnantes d'artistes sur "Forever Gentlemen" réalisé par Sinclair pour TF1, "Les Ricochets" pour l'Unicef, et la comédie musicale de l'année 2013 "Robin des Bois" avec Matt Pokora. Tous ces projets atteindront les meilleures classements des ventes : Or, Platine et Diamant !

Parallèlement, il participe au développement de nouveaux artistes en tant qu'ingénieur, réalisateur ou même arrangeur, et produit en 2013 la jeune artiste Lara Martinez.

Il peut aussi bien travailler avec les Major Company sur des grands projets, qu'avec des labels indépendants comme le Label Tricatel. Il enregistre notamment les concerts de Bertrand Burgalat aux Trois Baudets et de Biga Ranx au Bataclan.

Yann Bordejo Assistant / Ingénieur du son
Jean-Claude Dubois Founder

Jean-Claude Dubois is a figure of the French music scene. He has been a professional musician since 1951 and played with the greatest artists on the planet: Sammy Davis Jr., Quincy Jones, Lalo Shiffrin, Michel Legrand and many others. During his career, he participated in the recording of more than 600 movies and certainly the double number of recording sessions and concerts.

Musician in the Opéra de Paris orchestra, musician of the Republican Guard, his profession led him to a trip around the world where he played in the best halls, through which he improves his intuitive knowledge of the sound and acoustics quality.

In 1972, he founded the Grand Army Studio with the same passion that motivates him during his performing sessions and his precision as a conductor.

Mixing with the greatest names in the music world, his ambition for his studios is limitless; he called on the best American sound designer to create an outstanding facility: a 800sqm studio that he kept on changing until the result was amazing for all of his exceptional hosts, being an unrivaled sound engineer.

Almost 5 million euros were needed to develop his studios, which still remain popular after 40 years. Nowadays, he is a music consultant for the press and for advertising and movie projects.